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Jewish Big Brothers, Big Sister Los Angeles – The Big Support Fund – To encourage confidence, love, and respect in the memory of Peter (Petey) Weintraub Z”l


The Story of Peter Z”l and Derek
In celebration of Peter (Petey) Weintraub, his wife, Sarah, has created the Big Support fund to support mentors who are giving so much of themselves to their Littles. Petey was a Big Brother and lifelong friend to his Little, Derek. His contributions went beyond mentoring and included friendship and support that helped Derek become the successful adult he is today.

Derek Brandes was ll years old when he met Peter Weintraub. Derek and his family lived in a small apartment and his father was not involved. His mother raised him and his 3 sisters, worked full-time, attended college at night, and all without a car. His life changed when he met Petey. Before Petey and Derek were matched, there was no male role model in his life. Peter was a young stock broker at the early stages of his career. He liked the idea of having a little brother and getting involved since he was an only child. From the day they met, they were a match. Peter jumped in and made a difference for the entire family. Before Peter came into Derek’s life, he had been hanging out with the wrong crowd and was struggling in school. Peter went out of his way to be involved.

Derek loved ice skating, but his mother was not able to get him to lessons. Peter brought him to his first figure skating competition. Peter taught him how to play tennis, which Derek went on to play in high school. He taught Derek how to use tools and they built a doll house for his sister’s Birthday. Derek always felt supported and important to Peter. Their relationship spanned decades. Peter was was present for Derek’s graduations from high school and college and attended his wedding. Today Derek has a family of his own and is a professional chef.


A Message From Derek
“Peter gave me a goal to strive for and I believe I did. I am so glad he was in my life and thankful he was willing to give up his free time to spend with me. It’s the small acts of kindness that change your life forever. Thank you Peter.”


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