Celebrating Love

Celebrating Someone You Love – Finding A Way To Say Goodbye – Your Emotional Journey Through Life and Death

Sarah and Petey - Celebration of Life

Celebrating someone you love was created as a heartfelt guide. I needed to find a way to escort my husband for an entire year after his passing. I created rituals, classes, events, this website, videos and more centered around celebrating his life, “What Would Petey Do?”. It brought me tremendous comfort and I discovered there is a lot of room for creativity and that there is no right way to grieve. We all need to give ourselves permission to grieve in our own way.

I am sharing the process that helped me and G-d willing it will help you create your own unique way of navigating and celebrating your loved one. It is a celebration of life, so let’s begin your journey. What was unique about your loved ones? What made him/her special? What was the gift of your relationship?

This is a unique opportunity for you to make this journey your own. I wanted to share my process, ideas and activities that were created to celebrate my husband and keep his memory alive.

A Heartfelt Guide

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You experience deep longing, there is so much you want to share, how do you face the emptiness? It’s really important to try and understand what can give you that connection. I had a trusted group of friends that came every week to help me and support me. There is no prescribed path or exact recipe for your grief journey. As you create your new life you will discover a meaningful way of continuing to connect. I was able to develop a new relationship with Peter by keeping him alive in my heart, in my mind and in my world.

A beautiful Article by Emuna Braverman about the What Would Petey Do Celebration

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“Your ideas for keeping your husband’s memory alive and inspiring others to emulate his good midos have made me start thinking of ways i could do the same for my husband, za’l, who excelled in kindness and longed to always serve Hashem (God).”